How to Create an Email Newsletter that Convert [INFOGRAPHIC]

Writing a great email newsletter is one of the most essential parts of the strategy of owning and running a website.

Sending out great emails lets you connect with online audiences, gather more information about what they want and their preferences, and even sell products and services online. A recent report suggests that 82% of companies are currently using email marketing. If your company is one of the 18% that isn’t, then it’s high time that you got started.

The problem with writing and sending out email newsletters is that not everyone knows how to write them. How can you put together the very best email newsletter that is going to get people to sign up to receive it, and get them excited when it shows up?

There are some things that every powerful email newsletter has in common. For a start, they all have compelling headlines. Did you know 80% of people will never get past the headline? That’s why it needs to be compelling. It has to draw them in from the word “go”.

Of course, the headline is just the beginning. The newsletter also needs well-written content accompanied by nice images that fit the newsletter. People aren’t going to read something they aren’t interested in, and adding images has been shown to increase engagement.

An email newsletter also needs to end with a clear call-to-action. The people that read the email have to know what they are expected to do next. Want to encourage them to look at your products? Do you want them to fill out a survey or enter a competition? This call-to-action tells your reader what to do and encourages them to do it.

To learn more about putting together a powerful email newsletter that people will want to read and engage with, check out this infographic. It’s got information on everything you could want to know about putting together a solid email newsletter.

Creating an Email Newsletter Process

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